Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Tales from the Clusterfrack

Warning: This is an unconfirmed story from an anonymous source about a mercen...I mean "contractor" and his interaction with one of the "natives":

"On [Christmas] eve (2006) here in the Green Zone a Blackwater employee got into a scuffle with an Iraqi personal guard that was guarding a judge and shot him ten times and killed him. The Blackwater employee was drunk. Why did he have his
weapon on him? He has been whisked out of Iraq as fast as possible so the local authorities could not get a hold of him.

Blackwater is trying to keep it all hush-hush so the media doesn't find out about it and dirty their already dirty reputation. Now all the Blackwater employees are pissed off cause they have installed a no alcohol ban on all Blackwater employees.

Spread the word. I hope a reporter gets a hold of this story and runs with it. Please, someone please start asking questions."

Since monchieland does not have a Baghdad bureau, we have to rely on the so-called "liberal media" to chase down this story. I know...I know....reality has a well-known liberal bias, but couldn't you folks check this out?

Via Jesus's General.

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