Sunday, August 17, 2003


Tonight I was tempted to watch Bill Maher's "Real Time," but then I saw that Ann ("kill the liberals") Coulter was one of the guests, so I passed it up. Why anyone should give this latter-day brownshirt bimbo a platform is beyond me, though I'm not angry with Maher. Instead, I said a prayer for him:

"Father, forgive Bill Maher, for he knows not what he does..."

A few weeks ago I watched the stand-up special Maher did for HBO, and while I probably agreed with about 70% of what he had to say, his understanding of today's politics isn't even skin-deep--and is motivated mostly by narrow, selfish concerns. Many of his objections to Republicans center around their attempts to demonize two things he apparently likes a lot: sex and drugs. In other words, he doesn't want the Republicans interfering with his own life...but like most people in the so-called "liberal media," he's oblivious to the big picture of the large-scale political damage the Republicans are doing to our country.

The best example of this was when he started talking about the Clinton impeachment as if it were only about Republican bluenoses getting upset about blowjobs. Maher seemed to have no clue whatsoever that the blowjobs were only important to Republicans as an exploitable issue useful for attempting the overthrow of the USA's last legitimately elected president. They don't really care about blowjobs--Shrub could be getting blowjobs on live TV, and they'd defend him to the max. Look at how they tried to demonize President Clinton for legally avoiding the draft, yet turn around and ignore Cheney's Vietnam-era draft-dodging and Shrub's own desertion from the National Guard.

Bottom line is this: The Republicans believe that they, and only they, deserve to run the US government, and if the people elect someone else, well, they feel morally justified in using any dirty trick, any sleazy, gutter tactic to undermine and destroy American democracy by changing the results post-facto. They had tried the Whitewater hoax, the Vince Foster hoax, the Travelgate hoax, the Filegate hoax, the Chinagate hoax...and none of them worked because there was no there there. But then they found out he was having adulterous sex, and voila, they impeached him. (And remember too that Newt Gingrich's office admitted they also had a Gore strategy they'd use to get Al out of the way so they could seize power. An NBC reporter talked about this one morning on Meet the Press, but it was never mentioned again.)

Bill Maher fails to comprehend that the Republicans are ruthless, amoral, totalitarian thugs whose ultimate goal is to concentrate the wealth and power of our country in their own greedy hands.

It ain't about blowjobs, Bill.

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