Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Obama Takes on the Lying Liars of Faux News

Barack Obama is aggressively taking on the GOP Smear Machine's largest propaganda outlet, Faux News, over the madrassa smear.

Another cog in the lie machine, the Washington Moonie Times' Insight Magazine, had published a false report not only alleging that Senator Obama had attended a radical Islamic madrassa as a six year old (!!!), but also claimed that Senator Hillary Clinton was trying to spread the story.

Sort of a two-fer smear.

Faux News hosts then discussed these character-assassinating allegations on two programs. Meanwhile, one of its competitors, CNN, did some actual journalism and found, not surprisingly, that the smear was 1000% BS.

Kudos to Mr. Obama for taking on the prevaricating propagandameisters of Faux News, and kudos again to CNN for committing real, honest journalism, something that has traditionally been rare in cable news, especially in political coverage.

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