Monday, January 22, 2007


The Character Issue

Think about this:

The leading Republican primary candidate right now is a) guilty of incest and b) a serial adulterer.

Yes, Rudy Giuliani had his first marriage annulled -- after 13 years! -- because he "suddenly" discovered that his wife was his second cousin and not his third. And during his second marriage, he had one affair with an aide, who afterwards took a new job with a non-profit tourism organization that received a large amount of city funding. Following that affair, he paraded his next mistress in public while his wife and kids were still living in the executive mansion. And now, he's scrubbed mentions of his children from his second marriage, not to mention both his first and second wives, from his exploratory committee's website.

Oh, and I almost forgot: Rudy's beloved father was a small-time crook who did hard time at Sing Sing Prison.

And how much will we hear about all this from the so-called "liberal media" (SCLM)?

- crickets chirping -

All we will hear is about how Rudy is "America's Mayor."

Of course, if Rudy had a (D) after his name, not only would we be hearing 24/7 about the "serial adulterer" who also "committed incest for 13 years with his cousin" and whose father was "a convicted felon who spent hard time at Sing Sing," but the cable "news" outlets would also give the story its own theme song and special graphics.

But Rudy has an (R) after his name, so the SCLM will say nothing about this and instead will concentrate on more important stories, such as exposés of how Barack Obama and Iranian President Whatshisname both wear suitcoats but no ties.

UPDATE: Since I just dissed CNN over Jeff Greenfield's in-depth "report" on the amazingly similar sartorial styles of Barak Obama and the Iranian president, in the interest of fairness, I should also salute that network for its debunking of the Faux News/Washington Moonie Times Barak-attended-a-madrassa hoax. (Via Think Progress.)

It's amazing the things a news organization will discover when it does some actual reporting rather than treating a smear as a he said/he said story. Bravo, CNN!

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