Tuesday, January 06, 2004


From the official Howard Dean webpage:

Calling the Dean campaign "one of the best things to happen to American democracy in decades," Bill Bradley endorsed Howard Dean this morning in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Now that a former hero of the media whores, Bill Bradley, has glowingly endorsed Howard Dean, how are the presstitutes gonna spin it? My best guess is that they're gonna ignore it as much as possible.

My remark about "former hero of the media whores" isn't meant as disrespect for Bradley. For eighteen years, he was a senator New Jersey, and the United States, could be proud of. I just believe that a) he's not a very good presidential campaigner, as evidenced by his not very impressive performance in the 2000 primaries--he seemed incapable of defending his own proposals, and b) he was used, probably mostly unwittingly, by the Republicans and the media whores, whose only interest in him was as a weapon against the hated Al Gore. They had no interest whatsover in his contention that politics was broken and had to be fixed.

It has long been my contention that if Bradley had actually won the nomination, the media whores would've done a 180 in a NY minute and smeared him every bit as much as they smeared Gore. (And that's something I don't think Bradley realized at the time.) After all, their real loyalty is to their own careers, which can only be advanced if they kiss the behinds of the RNC and regurgitate blast faxes from the GOP Propaganda Machine.

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