Thursday, November 07, 2002


...for those who really believe in the values the American flag is supposed to represent. From the American Politics Journal, here's an excerpt:

Let me warn my Democrat, moderate Republican and liberal friends -- you had better take stock of what's happening in this nation, and in particular what is happening in mass media, particularly the dissemination of the "news" upon which people rely to make what is now mockingly called "free choice" among the right -- the new right. There has over time been less and less free choice in this nation for lack of true news sources. Voters have no idea who they are voting for. It would not surprise me to see a Martian elected governor of a major state, serve out two terms, and retire to Venus without so much as a comment from our "trusted" anchors and news editors -- as long, of course, as he was "with the program" and supporting unbridled capitalism as the national anthem.

Democrats, you have better spend the next two years working as hard as you can to mount your own propaganda geniuses, your own talking heads that will rival Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the dozens of other syndicated radio and newspaper commentators who have infected our information sources so profusely that no other opinion is heard. Period.

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