Friday, November 08, 2002


Put the term "mighty wurlitzer cia" into a search engine and see what you come up with. Do a little reading on those links and you might start to understand why the term "liberal media" is nothing more than a Big Lie. One of the best of those links is an article from The American Prospect. Here's an excerpt:

With all that ideological money, institutional heft, coordination, and credentialing, the right has perfected what the CIA used to call a "mighty Wurlitzer" -- a propaganda machine that can hone a fact or a lie, broadcast it, and have it echoed and recycled in Fox News commentary, in Washington Times news stories, in Wall Street Journal editorials, by myriad right-wing pundits, by Heritage seminars and briefing papers, and in congressional hearings and speeches. Privatization of Social Security, vouchers for school, Vince Foster's supposed murder, Hillary's secret sex life, you name it -- the right's mighty Wurlitzer can ensure that a message is broadcast across the county, echoed in national and local news, and reverberated in the speeches of respectable academics as well as rabid politicians.

There's a phrase in that excerpt I would alter to this: "...a propaganda machine that can hone a fact or a distortion or a misrepresentation or a lie, broadcast it, and have it echoed and recycled..." In the so-called "liberal media," gross distortions and wild misrepresentations are far more common than outright lies, i.e., The New York Times Whitewater "scandal" coverage, which was filled with distortions and misrepresentations, with any facts that tended to clear President and Mrs. Clinton either ignored or buried under tons of innuendo and obfuscation.

Welcome to The Virtual One-Party State...

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