Saturday, August 03, 2002

President Gore Speaks Out!

Sunday's New York Times features an op-ed piece written by President Gore that takes on both The Squatter (aka former Texas Governor George W. Bush) and the pink-tutu Democrats. (Are you listening, Joe L.?) Here's a taste:

"I believe Bill Clinton and I were right to maintain, during our 1992 campaign, that we should fight for 'the forgotten middle class' against the 'forces of greed.' Standing up for 'the people, not the powerful' was the right choice in 2000. And, in fact, it is the Democratic Party's meaning and mission. The suggestion from some in our party that we should no longer speak that truth, especially at a time like this, strikes me as bad politics and, worse, wrong in principle.

"This struggle between the people and the powerful was at the heart of every major domestic issue of the 2000 campaign and is still the central dynamic of politics in 2002. The choice, not just in rhetoric but in reality, was and still is between a genuine prescription drug benefit for all seniors under Medicare — or a token plan designed to trick the voters and satisfy pharmaceutical companies. The White House and its allies in Congress have just defeated legislation that would have fulfilled the promises both parties made in 2000."

Go, Al, go!

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