Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Journalistic Felons II: The Evidence on the Web

Yesterday, in a post about a Daily Howler article, I mentioned the following:

In case you're not familiar with Connolly's "journalism," you should be aware that in January 2000, she and fellow journalistic felon, Katherine Seelye of The New York Times, got caught red-handed -- by high school kids! -- lying in print about something President Gore had said about Love Canal, and then using the phony quotes to smear Gore as a liar. Now, if someone at my college newspaper had gotten caught using phony quotes to smear someone, they would've been fired on the spot.

One of the interesting aspects of this affair is that Connolly's and Seelye's lies went completely unchallenged in the mainstream media -- with the sole exception being a segment on a Public Radio International program called "This American Life," which is not a news program, but rather more of a cultural magazine show, and has no connection with NPR or NPR's news division. "This American Life" keeps up a web archive, so you can hear for yourself the story about the high school kids who got very ticked off when the media lied about what President Gore said, in order to smear him as a liar. Just go to the 2000 archive, scroll way down to the January 28, 2000 episode (#151), and it's about six minutes into the program, the first story after the prologue. You can also watch a video of President Gore's unedited remarks, which proves conclusively that Connolly's and Seelye's quotes were misrepresentations and lies.

Today's edition of the Daily Howler tells another story from New Hampshire 2000, this time about how the Beltway Blowhards were screaming hysterically that President Gore was a liar when in fact he was telling the truth about Bill Bradley's not very well thought-out health care proposals.

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